Deep in the world of Aincrad, players not only have the power of swords with them, but magic, and other special abilities.
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Character Ranking

Character Ranking
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 Character Rules and Information

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PostSubject: Character Rules and Information   Fri Aug 01, 2014 4:59 am

Character Rules and Information

Leveling Up

As you familiarise yourself with the site you will most likely find yourself doing quests. Each quest that you do gives you experience points (EXP). These points are necessary to boost your level up and increase your strength so that you will be able to better protect yourself in the dangerous world of Aincrad.

Each Level fits into a set Level Bracket or 'Rank'.

Players at Level 1 to Level 9 are 'E-rank' players. These are players who are new to the game and thus have little experience. They can only take on E-rank quests as solo players, or party up to take on D-rank quests.

Players of Level 10 to Level 19 are 'D-rank' Players. These players are able to form clans and are taken somewhat more seriously than E-rank players. They are able to take on up to D-rank quests alone, but still require a party to take on C-rank quests.

Players who've reached Level 20 to Level 29 are 'C-rank' Players. These are players who are able to found or be founding members of guilds and are considered to be serious players. They can take on up to C-rank quests alone or B-rank quests as a party.

Players who hit Level 30 to Level 39 are the more serious players and are generally more respect or feared for their achievements in the game. These players are 'B-rank' Players who have often cleared numerous floors already. They can take on up to B-rank quests alone or A-rank quests as a party.

Level 40 to Level 49 are considered Professional Players or 'A-rank'. They are generally seen as the 'creme de la creme' of players and are sometimes even heralded as saints of the game. They can take on up to A-rank quests alone, and S-rank quests as a party.

Level 50+ Players are the absolute best and they stand at the top of the pile as the 'S-rank+' Players in the game. They usually stand stoic in the front lines, taking on anything in their paths and almost always coming out victorious. They can take on virtually any quest they please whether it be solo or in a party.

Gaining EXP

EXP is gained at the end of a quest, with the core EXP bonus being given plus additional EXP for every monster you defeat in the process (the stronger the monsters, the higher the EXP obtained), so it is up to the player whether they take the fast route and kill only the necessary monsters, or take it slow and get the additional EXP. It's for this reason that each quest has a set amount of monsters that appear in that time period, as well as why each quest has its own EXP payout as opposed to having a set payout depending on the level of the quest.

The exception to this is at Quest Levels 40+, where the players involved MUST be at the required Quest Level or above. This is due to the particularly dangerous nature of the quests and the cap is put in place for your own safety.

NOTE: EXP bonuses can be obtained either through special items or by being in a registered group (see here for more details).

Required EXP:

Stat Points and Unique Skills

Every Player in the world of Aincrad has points called 'Stat Points' or 'SP' for short. As a player jumps into a new level they will obtain more SP to use.
With each level gained, the player will receive 2 stat points to distribute.

At Level 10 a player will receive their first 'Unique Skill' slot. Unique Skill slots allow the player to create a new ability to add to their arsenal that can either deal extra damage, or can buff the character in some way. The possibilities are (almost) endless. Each Unique Skill requires registration. Click Here for more info.

Alt Characters

A player may create an alt character only once they reach Level 10. Their alt characters may not interact except on occasion during Admin set In-Game events. They may not be a part of the same Guild or Clan.
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Character Rules and Information
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