Deep in the world of Aincrad, players not only have the power of swords with them, but magic, and other special abilities.
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 Class Rules and Information

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PostSubject: Class Rules and Information   Sat Aug 02, 2014 3:31 am

There are numerous classes in Sword Art Online and none of them function exactly the same way as the other. Some classes are purely for combat while others are purely for use in the field and each class has their own weapon or tool restrictions. You cannot equip a weapon or tool to a character who is set to a different class.

Each class levels up individually. Should you choose to change your class, you will start off back at Level 1 as that new class. You do not lose the experience you earned as your other class and you can freely switch between classes that you have unlocked, so long as you specify what class you're using for any jobs you do. Doing quests as a new Combat Class will grant you an additional 2% EXP for each level lower your new class is from your highest Combat Class, giving a maximum of 100% EXP boost if you've maxed your main class and are starting a new class from Level 1.

Doing quests as a new Crafting or Field Class will grant you an additional 5% EXP for each level lower your new class is from your highest Crafting or Field Class, giving a maximum of 150% EXP boost is you've maxed out a class and are starting a new class from Level 1.

Combat Classes

Combat Classes are the classes you will most likely see people set as throughout your time in Aincrad. As the name suggests, these classes were designed purely for fighting, and are a necessity to surviving in Sword Art Online. There are currently five different combat classes in the game, each with their own weapon and armor restrictions. Combat Classes max out at level 50.





Mage Class:

Beast Tamer:

Crafting Classes

Crafting Classes are non-combat classes that are essential occupations for everyday life in Aincrad. Without people focusing on field classes there would be no food, no weaponry, nothing. While these often take longer to level up than Combat Classes, the benefits to working on a Field Class far outweigh the time and effort put into it.

There are currently six Crafting Classes in Sword Art Online, and each Class requires special tools in order for a player to learn and use the skills. It is also worth noting that many high-level items require the player to have a shop to house the necessary tools.

Crafting Classes max out at level 30.








Field Classes

Without Field Classes the Crafting Classes would struggle to find the resources they need, particularly at a reasonable price. Field Classes involve a player going out into the field and obtaining certain items such as meat or fish for Chefs, ores for blacksmiths and armorers, jewels for Jewelers and wood for Carpenters. It is not uncommon to see a Craftsman also dabble in their respective Field Class until they make a name for themselves as a Craftsman. There are currently four Field Classes in Sword Art Online.

Field Classes max out at Level 30.




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Class Rules and Information
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