Deep in the world of Aincrad, players not only have the power of swords with them, but magic, and other special abilities.
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 Homes and Shops Information

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PostSubject: Homes and Shops Information   Sat Aug 02, 2014 5:37 am

Homes and Shops; Rules and Information

As you level up in Sword Art Online you will also likely find yourself learning a trade or perhaps you'd like to get yourself a home so that you don't have to pay those pesky inn prices anymore. Luckily for you it is now possible for players to buy their own homes or shops.


In order to get a home you must first buy the home size you want from the NPC Estate Agency in the NPC Stores. There are currently three sizes of house you can buy, each with their limitations; Small, Medium and Large. Players may only own a single home.

Small Houses

Small houses have only one floor and two rooms; A kitchen and dining area in one room and a bedroom and bathroom in the other. The bedroom can fit a single bed and a wardrobe, with the bathroom having a bath, toilet (it's not call 'Full-dive' system for nothing!) and sink. The Kitchen/Dining area has enough space for a small table with up to 4 chairs, a small stove capable of cooking one meal at a time, and a cupboard. These houses are the cheapest and are great for solo players who aren't home often or don't have friends around often.

Once the essentials are in place there is only room for a single home item.

Medium Houses

Medium houses are the next step up, and are 2 floors high. The upstairs can have up to two bedrooms and a bathroom, while the downstairs has the kitchen and dining area and a living area. The bedrooms and bathroom are the same size as in a small house, although the second bedroom is optional and can be removed to create a larger single bedroom and/or bathroom.

The Kitchen now has 2 cupboards and a larger stove, as well as a small worktop to allow for some more advanced cooking. The dining table is slightly larger and can now seat 6 people. The living area can fit up to a single sofa (or two armchairs) and a table.

Up to 4 home items can be added to the house (6 if one of the bedrooms is removed).

Large Houses

The best way to show off your class and etiquette...or at least your deep-lined pockets. Large Houses offer the ultimate creativity, having a total of 3 floors. The first floor contains a larger living room and kitchen area as well as a separate dining area. The second floor is where the bathroom is placed, along with a spare room for the player to do whatever they please with. At the top floor are two bedrooms about twice the size of the bedrooms in the small house, and a master bedroom that is around 3 times the size.

As expected from a house like this, there is no limit to the items you can add to the house.

Custom Houses

Custom Houses can only be built by players who have maxed out their Carpentry Class. The size is completely optional as is the layout. The only costs here are for the resources needed (which can be altogether ignored if the player has collected sufficient resources themselves).

To make a custom house a player needs to register it in the Homes area. The home will then be classified as Small, Medium or Large depending on the details given. Resources will also be taken into consideration and a price will be set on the cost of building. The house will not be made available to use until that price is paid.

(Carpenters can be hired to build houses. Their payment will be added to the resource cost. Carpenters can only build houses for other players if they have their own shop.)


A shop is where players who are skilled at their Crafting or Field Class and wish to make some money for their services. All shops are sold at the same price irrespective of size as the size is up to the owner. Shops can be anything from Restaurants to Blacksmiths.

NOTE: Taverns and Bars can be made without buying a shop. The income however is considerably lower than that of a Crafting/Field Class shop unless you can get plenty of punters who are willing to
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Homes and Shops Information
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