Deep in the world of Aincrad, players not only have the power of swords with them, but magic, and other special abilities.
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 Lady Ashylenne

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Lady Ashe

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PostSubject: Lady Ashylenne    Mon Aug 25, 2014 8:52 pm

Ashlynne Lenalla

Face Claim: Kingdom Under Fire - Ellen

Username: Lady Ashe


Gender: Female

Age: 20

Birthday: May 5th

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Ashe is rather quiet, but very serious. She is very dependable and hard working. She doesn't believe in a easy life, saying things shouldn't be given, only earned. She doesn't state many of her opinions, viewing it better to keep her mouth shut. She is very intelligent, her experiences giving her wisdom, experiences she set her mind to and accomplished. Even though she is not very old, she has been through a lot in life. Ashlynne tends to give off a vibe that she doesn't really care about a lot, however she does, but her comments on it are limited however. She doesn't stand to be talked to rudely, and will put you in your place. She is strong, and independent, not relying on anyone else to do what she was supposed to.

A great ally to have, as she is an esteemed warrior and a mental strategist. Mentally, and emotionally, she is quite older than she seems.She likes to take on any challenge, if it seems to be worth her time. she is analogical, finding and picking out every detail and how problems could be solved. She values the innocent and wishes to serve them, may that be protection or helping in anyway. But if your guilty, she will find a way to give you what you deserve. Most would say she is rather too full of herself, a little cocky; but the truth is, Ashe is just confident, because she knows what she does is true. She wouldn't say anything and she would easily back down if she knew she would lose that one. Sometimes she could have a smart mouth, being a little sarcastic, and a little rude, but she doesn't really care about people and their feelings. They mean little to her.

Ashlynne is very morale, she like to obey and abide by rules and orders given to her, but she isn't afraid to lead any fight. She is very assertive, but composed. Outspoken, yet she watches what she says. Being known as the peace keeper who always brought in justice, unfortunately, Ashe didn't want this at all, She never liked having the spotlight, as she was more of a realist about hero types. Often Ashe was seen being praised for her good deeds, but none of it really fazed her, she just shoved her hands in her pockets and walked off. She wasn't shy, Ashlynne just isn't a people person. She is filled with alot of strict mixed emotions. Anger isn't something Ashe seems to possess though, she lives more on hatred than anything. Because of her calm and collected appearance and tone, it often brings more fear into others when she gives an order or statement. As they know she isn't speaking through anger, she is serious when she says something.

Everyone who has met Ashe, or worked with her, hell even heard of her, She is seen as a very intelligent, respectable person, always looking out for her friends. But often, she gets looked down upon for choices she makes. Ashlynne believes they are right for her, but others see her as a sadistic woman, because she welcomes death and isn't afraid to achieve goals at others expense. She is driven and dedicated to her goals and will do almost anything to prove it. Through her sadistic nature, Ashe still likes to enjoy the little things. She loves sake and many other alcoholic drinks. Ashe is somewhat of a carnivore, a real meat lover. Her favorite foods include a sweet and sour chicken and pork ramen, red salmon rolls and a nice steak sandwich. Ashlynne enjoy's history and enjoy's reading books and would like to seize the historical archives from every other village to gather as much knowledge as she can. She loves a challenge, finding time almost everyday to piss someone off to fight, she likes to test her abilities to the max, because how else are you to get stronger.

Description: This Swordsman is certainly more of a handful than her appearance gives her. Being only 5'3" she is short with a very lean build. Weighing only 114 lbs, she doesn't pack a big punch, but she is very lithe, nimble and fast.
She enjoys to wear the more medium armor, because it still allows for plenty of movement and alot of protection.

Ashe has bright blue colored eyes, that glow against her pasty colored appearance. This contrasts her dark brown hair, that flows around her.


  • Stars ~ Ashe likes to gaze at them all night. They are too beautiful to hardly be real, but she will look up at them and rediscover why she has to live.

  • Loyalty ~ A firm believer in a tight circle she has some trust issues and is happy to have her loyal friends.

  • Tea ~ It is never to early or too late to enjoy the hot beverage.


  • The Real World ~ while she desperately wants to live, Ashe is deathly afraid of the real world. Why do you think she was in the game in the first place. As an escape.

  • Lies ~ She is aware of how fake the world is, and she fully understands that people lie, but it has a tendency to really upset her.

  • Spicy Food ~ Sure it isn't real, but Ferris really hates the spicy feeling she still has from eating it.


  • Revenge ~ As her primary motivator, revenge places a key part in her background. She has a set goal, and not matter the route it takes, she will get there.

  • Romantic ~ Not love, but passion. Ashlynne has a romantic type personality and is passionate about her goals.

  • Friends ~ She will do anything to protect what few friends she has.


  • Nothingness ~ What if she awoke to an empty world?

  • Love ~ Not much different from friends, but she feels that love can be a distraction and can be harmful

  • Spiders~ She hates the creepy crawly things that can entrap you and suck out your insides.

Game Details:
Combat Class: Swordsman
Starter Weapon: Longsword
Starting Alignment: Respected
Starting Level: 1
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Lady Ashe

Posts : 48
Join date : 2014-04-01
Age : 24
Location : Ma Basement ^^
Strength : - 15

PostSubject: Re: Lady Ashylenne    Mon Mar 30, 2015 10:24 pm

Auto Approved cause im the damn boss thats why
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Lady Ashylenne
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