Deep in the world of Aincrad, players not only have the power of swords with them, but magic, and other special abilities.
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 Lance Knighthunter

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Lance Knighthunter
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PostSubject: Lance Knighthunter    Wed Sep 03, 2014 5:03 pm

Lance Knighthunter

Face Claim: Izaya Orihara

Username: Lance

Player IRL Name: Shiroyama "Shiro" Masato

Gender: Male

Age: 20

Birthday: August 20

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Lance has a kind soul and will usually go out of his way to help people and make new friends. Lance is very serious about getting out of the game and he can sometimes be a bit crazy at times about it. In fact he is broken very easily to the point were people call him crazy. Other than that he is a calm and very observant person. Taking jobs is fun for him and crafting things for people is a way he earns money. He looks to himself as a prince and tends to fight with "Grace". Lance is very flirtatious when a girl interests him and he will try to be as friendly to them as possible, getting them flowers and doing small things to help them out. He likes the darkness and he would rather be in the darkness than the outside. He keeps his house dark and he is very quiet when he is walking through town, making him intimidating to even talk to. In the end however he is very kind so if you just talk to him or ask him for help you will most likely get it.

In battle Lance is a bit more serious. He does not smile in battle and he tries to fight not only for himself but for the people around him. He can get pretty full of himself sometimes and underestimate the foe making trouble at times. He will try to outdo people and even try to show off his strength at times. making trouble seems to be easy for him in battles. If someone is in trouble however he will snap out of it and turn his attention to them. He does not want people to die, he wants to help as many people as he could get out of this hell hole.

Description: Lance is quite tall standing at 5"11 and with a body that weighs 140 lbs. His skin is white and he has a pretty well built body. His chest has a single scar in the shape of an X on it. Lances eyes are blood red and he has raven black hair that goes straight down. His eyes are sort of slanted and his hair almost covers his left eye. He wears a lot of black and wears a plain black shirt with a black coat. The only piece of clothing that isn't black is his pants and those are jeans. The Jeans he wears have tiny tips in the and holes.

When Lance fights he doesn't change his expression at all and almost always wears a cold and emotionless expression when he fights and even kills. When he fights with one blade he usually holds it in his left hand.


  • Sweet things: Lance loves the taste of sweet things.
  • Fighting: There is a certain rush to fighting that makes him feel alive.
  • Girls: Lance has a tendency to flirt with girls until he settles with one.


  • Sour things: Sour things leave bad tastes in his mouth.
  • Killing: Lance is against killing people and will only kill someone for justice or if it has to be done. He wont be happy about it either way.
  • People calling themselves weak: Whenever someone calls themselves weak Lance will start yelling at them.


  • Surviving: Lance will do anything to survive even if it means killing although he wouldn't be happy about it and will try o find another way.
  • Making friends: Lance didn't have many friends in the real world so he would try to make friends in the game.
  • Getting stronger: Lance thinks that getting stronger is the key to beating the game.


  • Dying without helping: He fears that he will die without helping the people in the game at all.
  • Losing Friends: Lance will protect his friends at all costs and will back them up in a fight.
  • Becoming a player killer: Becoming a Player killer is something he has feared because he

Game Details:
Combat Class: Swordsman
Starter Weapon: 1 handed sword
Starting Alignment: Respected
Starting Level: Level 1

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Lady Ashe

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PostSubject: Re: Lance Knighthunter    Mon Mar 30, 2015 10:23 pm

Lol oh. This is approved. ^^
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Lance Knighthunter
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