Deep in the world of Aincrad, players not only have the power of swords with them, but magic, and other special abilities.
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PostSubject: Corbert   Thu Mar 26, 2015 9:44 pm


Face Claim: not sure if you know let me know, I think he is from Dynasty Worriers

Username: Corbert

Player IRL Name: Victor "The Blade" Lee

Gender: Male

Age: 25

Birthday: July 20

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: Corbert is a very serious man, he does not like to joke around much because he thinks it distracts you from the most important thing in the new world he finds himself in, survival. Corbert will do whatever he thinks is necessary to ensure both his survival and the survival of those he holds dear, including killing another person, which he has done before both in  the real world and in Aincrad.

To those who do not know Corbert well, he seems like an man who cares very little for others, willing to steal from or cheat other players in order to get what he wants. To those who know him well however, realize that this is only partially true. He has lost much in both the real world and in Aincrad. Both his sister and brother were killed when he was protecting them, and he has always carried guilt over there deaths. In Aincrad, a friend that Corbert had made on his first day was killed by PKers when he was helping her level. After the loss of his siblings Corbert became slow to make connections, and after the loss of his Mary in Aincrad, he prefers isolation, and rarely joins parties.

In the few instances that Corbert does join parties, he always tries to take the most dangerous assignments. He tells everyone it is because he does not trust others to get the job done, but it is really because he will not allow those he trusts enough to join a party with to be put in danger as long as he can prevent it. When Corbert is the leader of a party, he will always put himself in danger before anyone else in his party. He is the one leading the charge against the boss even if he there is a better tank in the party.

Description: Corbert is a tall man, a little over 6 ft tall, with a somewhat dark tan who is rarely seen without his signature green and brown leather vest. He got the vest during his first day in Aincrad and keeps it as a memento. Cobert has a very hard face with lots hard lines and rough edges. He has brown dark eyes and even darker brown hair that he tends to leave messy and a little less then shoulder length. There is also a scare on his left cheek that he received in an accident when he was a kid. Whenever Corbert is choosing his armor he always tries to chose leather items with earthy tones like greens and browns both because he likes these colors and they match his vest. Corbert likes to use large weapons, preferably as large as him, but that it can be hard for him to find them.

- Smithing- Smithing helps Corbert forget about the world around him and lets him focus on a single task
- Combat - He loves the thrill of combat, pitting his strength against another
- Nature - He always finds peace in the natural world

- PKers - His friend in Aincrad was killed by a
- Those who have given up - Corbert believes that everyone who is trapped in Aincrad must fight to escape however they can
- Grouping with others - He does not like to form a parties, he feels that he will not be strong enough to protect everyone in the party

- To ensure his friends can one day leave the game - He wants to ensure that all of his friends escape the dangers of Aincrad
- To become stronger - He can not make sure all of his friends escape the game unless he is strong enough.
- Memory of the fallen - He fights for those he has lost, and so he will not lose another

- Losing a friend - He has lost many friends, and does not want to feel that loss again
- Not being strong enough to protect others - He could not forgive himself if he was the reason one of his friends was hurt
- Bees - Is deathly allergic to bees

Game Details:

Starter Weapon: Ax
Starting Alignment: Has PKed in the past but is reformed
Starting Level: 1
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PostSubject: Re: Corbert   Thu Apr 02, 2015 10:31 pm

Looks good Approved!
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