Deep in the world of Aincrad, players not only have the power of swords with them, but magic, and other special abilities.
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 Lyra Vanguard

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Miss Lyra


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PostSubject: Lyra Vanguard   Mon Mar 30, 2015 12:19 am

Miss Lyra Vanguard

Face Claim: N/A

Username: Lyra Vanguard

Player IRL Name: Janell

Gender: Female

Age: 19

Birthday: Dec 15th

Sexuality: Straight

Personality: The only real good way to describe Lyra's personality is like candy. The ones that fizz and pop in your mouth. Smooth sweet taste, but sizzling excitement included.
She is Kind, and caring, even to those that don't deserve it. Lyra has a very loving personality, she is ale to brightened any bad day, and open any evil heart. Her smile brings joy to children and the elderly. Most envy her youth and optimism. She also is looking towards the future, a head strong and very friendly girl. She never is shy, and always seems to find time to interact with those that need it. Kind and caring she gives what she can to the public.

Lyra certainly has experienced some hardship, but she is the one that looks past that and doesn't let that define her or hold her back. When she lays there and looks up at the heavens, she feels that she can experience peace at last. She doesn't care for cities, the pollution or the crowds and dislikes bullies and in bigger cities that always seems to be a problem. She would much rather prefer to be outside in the trees or playing with butterflies, and eating cakes. Lyra is the most kind person anyone could ever meet. Always giving to those that need, and always smiling and being happy.

Determination and Will is what drive's Lyra forward, rather that be finding friends, or getting stronger to protect those that need her. However, she often places her head strong and stubborn butt in the wrong places, like trying to face a wildebeest to protect what is right.
She wants to be a protector and share her feelings with all of Aincrad, because she doesn't want anyone to have to go through what she did.

Even though Lyra does not fight in the battlefield very often, she will always try her hardest, for her friends and herself. She has things in life worth fighting for and will stand her ground even though she has no chance of winning.
Because she feels intelligence is better than brawn, she will try to stay level headed and exploit the weakness of her opponent rather than facing them head on. This ensures she can even defeat the strongest of opponents; she feels that surely every one has a weakness.
Lyra would certainly never kill someone, or even come close, but she wont stop fighting until her opponent can't hurt her anymore.

Lyra's Beast Taming Abilities can give her the upper hand in a fight, mostly because it gives her the ability to summon large beasts that fight her battles for her, which can give her the upper hand on how to overcome and opponent. One large weakness Lyra has, in battle and out, is that she hates fighting in general. She joined this game to escape the real world and has become trapped in her own fear because she refuses to fight her way out.

Description: When it comes to first meetings, Lyra really is the worst. Her small size puts off a childish demeanor, and give most the impression that she is 15 years old, or so.. Nothing could be farther than the truth!
One good thing that comes from this, is that she will age slower in appearance. Hurrah for sexy 40 year olds!
Standing at 5 feet even, she isn't a very intimidating sight at all. Lyra has long legs, but a shorter torso, and suffers from underdeveloped feminine qualities.
But curvy features font make the woman! At least in Lyra's eyes; she has more appealing qualities. Such as a perfect smile, and bright inviting eyes. In pair, she really adores her sense of fashion. By wearing long dresses that flow elegantly around her, tight blouses and frilly tops. Her favorite way to match together a outfit is with her hair. So she has a bunch of different ways to dress her hair. Braids, pigtails, Ponytails, and waving around her body.
The long length causes it to brush the back of her knees when walking, no matter the style really.


  • Books: Old Books, New Books, Magazines.. She enjoys learning new things, and that is why she worked more in botany than anything else.
  • Dango: Honestly she can eat nothing but dango and be satisfied.
  • Lady Ashe: As her rolemodel, Lyra really looks up to Ashe. She is so brave and strong, and fights for those she loves. She is everything that Lyra wants to be.


  • Spicy Food: Well, this is only because Ashe doesn't like spicy food.
  • Heat: It burns, it hurts, and it is behind her biggest fears.
  • Being Short and Lithe: Lyra just wants to be strong, physically and mentally.


  • Family: She has a loving family back home to get to
  • Clan/Group: Lyra wants to show them she can be strong too
  • Plants: They remind her of the real world, the good things in it at least. And she delves deep into their purpose.


  • Fire: Having a bad accident as a younger teen, Lyra is now deeply afraid of fire. Small candle flames don't bother her, just unchecked massive fires.
  • Lonliness: Lyra was really alone when her uncle died, and she hopes to never be alone again
  • Disappointment: She really has a problem with feeling like a burden, but being a disappointment has got to be the worst.

Game Details:
Class: Beast Tamer
Starter Weapon: Dagger
Starting Alignment: Respected
Starting Level: 1
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PostSubject: Re: Lyra Vanguard   Mon Mar 30, 2015 1:50 am

Approved, enjoy.
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Lyra Vanguard
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