Deep in the world of Aincrad, players not only have the power of swords with them, but magic, and other special abilities.
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 Combat, HP, Skills Rules and Information

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Lady Ashe
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PostSubject: Combat, HP, Skills Rules and Information   Mon Mar 30, 2015 8:21 pm

Combat System:
I'm sure you all are wondering about the most used part of the site, the combat system! Well first you have to know about the base attack damage, and base defense.
This damage is based off of character class. Each class has a different base damage and their weapon or armor, or even strength stat can determine how much more they are for players.

Attack: This is the amount of damage you deal to another player or monster. This can be increased by the strength stat, weapons and jewelry.

Defense: Instead of being able to dodge or block attacks so easily, the Defense stat is used for absorbing damage. ( Ex. If a player was to be struck by a longsword for 12 damage, the player would only take 5 damage instead because of his steel armor that has a defense of +2 along with his natural defense of +5. ) Defense is raised by armor, shields, jewelry and the Endurance stat.

** If defense stat is greater than opponents attack stat, the user will still suffer 1 points in damage. **

Dodge: This one is rather easy to calculate. If the Player's Perception is greater than the opponents speed, the attack is dodged. Simple.

Below are the listed base stats for attack and defense for starting level 1.

Swordsman: 10 (attack) & 10 ( defense )

Barbarian: 15 (attack) & 5 ( defense)

Rouge: 7 ( attack) & 7 ( defense )

Lance: 12 ( attack ) & 7 ( defense )

Beast Tamer: 4 ( attack ) & 5 ( defense ) ** This is for the player his/herself. Not the beast **

Mage: 5 ( defense ); Mage attack depends on staff they are using, they do not have a base attack damage.

Gaining Base Attack & Defense from SP:
You can increase your base Attack and Defense stat with Strength or Endurance SP. This is also easy to calculate. For every 5 SP, add 1 Attack or Defense stat.
(EX. If strength is at 15, that would be an extra 3 to attack. )

Hit Points:
The source of life in Aincrad, Hit Points are rather sacred, and yet they are crucial to gaining exp by defeating opponents. Much like Base attack and Defense Damage stats, they depend on class and level.

Swordsman: 100 HP

Barbarian: 200 HP

Rouge: 100 HP

Lance: 150 HP

Beast Tamer: 75 HP

Mage: 75 HP

- With each level gained, you add another 10 to HP.

- HP can also be raised through jewelry or potions for a more temporary effect.

Unique Skills:

So you might be asking yourself, " I leveled up and obtained a Unique skill slot!... What is a Unique skill?"
In the world of Aincrad, you gain exp from battling, foraging, reading, ect. Once you gain so much exp from leveling up, you gain a skill slot.
These are special abilities that pertain to the particular class the user is. Such as the Dual Wielding Ability from the Canon anime. ( however that Unique skill is not available. )

All skills are registered and approved by staff and documented for later use. Unique Skills can give more damage, or improve accuracy, ect. However they run off of Player Stamina, which like HP is calculated by class.

At Level 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, and 100 you get a new unique skill slot.

Unique skills take up stamina, and only Unique skills. Each players starts off with 100 Stamina at the beginning of a fight, and a unique skill depending on the level you get it takes up a percentage of stamina.

Level 10 Slot - 10%
Level 20 Slot - 20%
Level 30 Slot - 30%

ect ect. Once you reach 0, you can no longer use Unique skills.
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Combat, HP, Skills Rules and Information
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