Deep in the world of Aincrad, players not only have the power of swords with them, but magic, and other special abilities.
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 Floor 1, Skills Quest. Study of Iaijutsu Stage 1

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PostSubject: Floor 1, Skills Quest. Study of Iaijutsu Stage 1   Sun Apr 05, 2015 2:13 pm

This is the first stage of the ability. This ability effects each class differently. This technique is to increase the battle effectiveness. With this talent is can help you against Event Bosses, Campaign Missions, Clan Missions, Guild Missions, and of course Main Bosses ( Floor Bosses ). There are over 30 Different Site Hidden Skills that are not related to item or skill drops from Quest RPs, Battle RPs, Event Rps, and Boss Battle RPs.

As I said before these are Quests that are rare drops with high EXP drops. However, these quests require a lot of Word Play RP. This can range from 5,000 words to 20,000 words. The reason for this is because these skills and talents can heavily effect your stats and talents of your character.

Quest Background:

You have heard of a talent that increases the power of your character. There are just whispers about this wise warrior that had retired from the battle field. You must go on a long journey to find this warrior. Through what you can gather, you know that you have to travel a very far distance to reach him. You have to get through the Green Meadows, which are known for having a horde of Dire Wolves. There is a high chance you have to fight through all of them to get past the Green Meadows. Once through the meadows, you have to get through the Woods. These woods are thick and dense and are filled with Mud Trolls. There are a weaker form than the Uncommon creatures. You find that you must fight through them as well. Once through the forest that is a Giant Boar waiting for you. This is no ordinary boar as its 6x bigger than the normal boar. You must fight and kill this large Sub Boss.

It will be a long fight and not easy. Once past this, you find yourself walking into a small field that seems secluded from the rest of the floor. In this small field is a tiny house that stands alone in this field. Once coming to the house you find yourself being greeted by a large man. Through a conversation of trying to convince the man to train you, he agrees. Through many in game days, you learn the first stage of Iaijutsu. This is the first step in beating all 100 floors of SAO.


Level 5
Words: 5,100
Strength @ 80
Speed @ 50


Iaijutsu Style: ( Stage 1 )

EXP: 400

Rogue: Shadow Step ( Can avoid 1 attack every 5 turns and counter with an additional Damage of 40 )

Barbarian: Shadows Might ( Can create an alter image of once self that attacks at the same time as your original self. Deals equal damage as you do. Only lasts for one turn. It has a 5 turn respawn )

Shadows Wrath ( Instead of your basic attack. Once activated, your character will spin in place. Dealing additional 40 damage. This stuns the enemy for one turn. Can only be activated every 6 turns.)

Lancer: Shadow Strike ( This is a separate ability that can be an additional attack. This gives you a chance to attack twice in a row. Instead of attacking once, as the detail states. It makes you attack twice. Can only be used every 6 turns )

Beast Tamer: Mothers Embrace ( This enhances all beasts and all beasts gain taunt for 2 turns. Taunt means that they force enemies to attack the beasts instead. This can only be activated once every 6 turns )

Mage: Shadows Magic ( This is a magically ability that releases dark magic. It is an ability that fires dark magic energy at an opponent. Dealing magic based on HALF of your HP. It also cancels out enemy players Skills for 2 turns, thus stopping the cooldown, only during the two turns. The cooldown continues after the two turns. Can only be used once every 8 turns. )

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Floor 1, Skills Quest. Study of Iaijutsu Stage 1
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