Deep in the world of Aincrad, players not only have the power of swords with them, but magic, and other special abilities.
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 Campaign Information and Rewards

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PostSubject: Campaign Information and Rewards   Sun Apr 05, 2015 4:31 pm

Everyone has their one styles of RP. With Sword Art Online, there are different styles of RP. There are people who prefer Solo Play. There are other people who don't like Soloing but don't like large Guilds. These people are Clan Players. Last but not least there are people who dont like Solo play or Clan Play, they like Guild Play. Each style of play has their own respected Campaign and each Campaign can be completed with earning EXP drop, notoriety , and legendary items.

Play Style Campaigns:

Solo Players:

These players are the mercenaries of the SAO universe. They prefer to do things on their own. Hunting, killing, quest completing, and even soloing bosses. There is a campaign that is meant for them to build up their talents as solo players and their notoriety. They will have their own ranking system to compete with other solo players.

Clan Players:

These are players that are in groups of 10. They are a small tight group that rely on each other to complete objectives. Clans have the abilities to attack Group Quests, Event Bosses, and Floor Bosses with medium Difficulty. They have a  much easier time beating these quests than Solo Players. There is a campaign built for them to create a recognition for their clan. To become either the feared or the respected clan that they wanted to be. Rewards will be dropped accordingly for them. You will be competing against other Clans and Guilds.

Guild Players:

These are the players that will build the backbone of the game. Large amounts of people will create two kinds of Guilds. They will either create Evil or Good Guilds. Each Guild once created will be able to begin Campaigns. Each will effect on the item drops and EXP drops. This will also increase your ranking amount other Guilds and Clans. You will fight to see who is the best Clan or Guild.

Solo Player Ranking Rewards:

Clan & Guild Ranking Rewards:
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Campaign Information and Rewards
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