Deep in the world of Aincrad, players not only have the power of swords with them, but magic, and other special abilities.
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 Floor 1, Solo Player Campaign ( Episode 1 )

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PostSubject: Floor 1, Solo Player Campaign ( Episode 1 )   Mon Apr 06, 2015 7:17 pm

Episode 1, To kill or Not to Kill


Level 3


Good Choice: 5,000 words
Evil Choice: 6,000 words


Good Choice- 100 EXP, 500 Col, 20 Notoriety Points
Bad Choice- 150 EXP, 1,000 Col, 25 Notoriety Points

Episode Information:

With becoming level 3 at a fast pace, you easily out rank a lot of people already. You hear of a few players that need help escorting a few NPC traders. This can open up the possibility that can get you a few coin and exp. As a solo player, you need everything that you can get your hands on. The stack of exp for this mission can help but the idea of sharing it is annoying. Ah, oh well you still get a heavy drop of EXP. You agree to help the rest but the players seem at odds with you knowing that you are a solo player. Solo Players are known for their greed and playing for themselves. Especially in this "Death Game".

The path that is marked shows up on your map. You are aware that there are groups that are already Pking players. You know of a few but you have always kept your distance. You can only hope that you don't run into them. ( LOL you will ). However, this also creates a new opportunity. You can turn your back on the group and reap the rewards that are given for letting other groups kill them or you kill them yourself. With this choice, it might require more work.

The choices are this.

Good Choice ( Defend them from the attack of two evil groups )
Bad Choice ( Kill them and take the money and the exp yourself and become a RED PLAYER )
Bad Choice ( Let the groups kill them and pick off the pickings that are left behind )
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Floor 1, Solo Player Campaign ( Episode 1 )
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