Deep in the world of Aincrad, players not only have the power of swords with them, but magic, and other special abilities.
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 Floor 1, Solo Player Campaign ( Episode 2 )

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PostSubject: Floor 1, Solo Player Campaign ( Episode 2 )   Mon Apr 06, 2015 9:26 pm

Episode 2: The Green Field of Lies


Level 5


Good Path: 5,000 words

Bad Path: 6,000 words


Good Choice: 100 EXP, 500 Col
Bad Choice: 120 EXP, 600 Col

Episode Information:

Result of a Bad Choice in Episode 1:

Your actions have left a whisper or rumor among the players. The NPC's are also speaking of your actions. If you are known as a Red Player, you are now beating hunted by the "peoples militia". A group of people that are known to hunt for Red Players. You now have to try and escape them or hunt them instead. It is a choice that you have to make. Either way, the best place to lose them would be in the Green Fields. This is a field that is highly populated by Dire Wolves and Earth Spirits. If you can attract enough of them while running, you can use this to you advantage. However, this could be your chance to fight and kill them.You can't fight them all at once. You have to somehow get them in a situation where you can fight them in a one v one fight. Pick them off, one by one.

If you didn't kill the players in the first Episode, than you are not known for killing people. However, you are known as the person who let people die without helping them. You are in town and you have just to find a way to get another massive EXP drop.
The only way to really get a drop is to join a hunt on a big monster on floor 1. You are ready to jump on the Floor Boos but you want to get a EXP drop just in case. You want to out level the creature before fighting it. You join a group but they are reluctant to left you join but due to being Level 5, they need you. Once you get to the location of the monster, you see that it is a medium size Mud Troll. Bigger than the one that you fight in the Hunting Battle Quest.

As fighting the monster, there comes a point that you need to make a choice. This choice will either redeem yourself or push yourself towards being a typical solo player. There is a spot where you are going to have to save one of the party members from being killed, however if you let the wolf focus that person. You can kill it easily. You save the person and escape with that sole survivor of the group or kill the monster and let the group die off. The choice is yours.

Result of a Good Choice in Episode 1:

You are known to be a good person, even i you are a person that is a solo player. People have asked you to join a small banding group but you decline politely. You have survived so far but you find yourself thinking if you need to gain more EXP before fighting the next boss. You join a monster hunting squad to take down a monster. This is a large monster. You have to travel out of the town of beginnings and head into the green pastures. A large field that are known to hold large monsters. This is your last chance before killing the floor boss. If you can solo the boss and beat it. Well, we don't have to imagine what will happen to your legacy if you can win.

Good Choice
: ( Save the Teammate and Take them back to town )
Bad Path:  ( Kill or trick the hunters to get killed by monsters )
Good Path: ( Kill the monster with your team )
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Floor 1, Solo Player Campaign ( Episode 2 )
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