Deep in the world of Aincrad, players not only have the power of swords with them, but magic, and other special abilities.
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 Floor 2, Battle Quest, Goblins Series Part 4, ( Kills the Goblin King ) ( Group 4 )

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PostSubject: Floor 2, Battle Quest, Goblins Series Part 4, ( Kills the Goblin King ) ( Group 4 )   Sat Apr 11, 2015 11:32 am

Goblin King

Battle Quest Information:

This is a Battle Quest and this has no word limit. This is a quest that requires you to use your stats and battle technique to kill this creature. You should be careful as if you fail this quest, your character can die. The image above is the creature you are going to kill. This is a different kind of creature. This is a bigger creature that is not farm exp that are found in "RolePlay" quests. These are the creatures that are bigger and have the potential of killing you.


Level 8

Must complete Goblin Series 1-3

Animal Information:

HP: 600


Quest Back Story:

This is the final chapter of the Goblin Series. Once the Goblin King is dead, you will have freed the land of the Goblin Horde. As the last quest said, now is your time to strike. You have taken the courtyard and all that is left is the Great Goblin Hall, the Goblin King. You must break through the gate and kill the Goblin King. Do not falter and do not fear the enemy. You are at Floor 2 !! You have survived the first floor and you are going to survive the second! Kill this king and claim your reward.


100 EXP
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Floor 2, Battle Quest, Goblins Series Part 4, ( Kills the Goblin King ) ( Group 4 )
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