Deep in the world of Aincrad, players not only have the power of swords with them, but magic, and other special abilities.
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 Character Application, Howard Phillips

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Howard Phillips

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PostSubject: Character Application, Howard Phillips   Mon Sep 08, 2014 4:35 pm

Howard Phillips

Face Claim: Sorry I looked up face claim and all that came up was celebrity stuff, if you can define it i'll gladly fill this part in

Username: Howard Phillips

Player IRL Name: Howard Phillips

Gender: Male

Age: 53

Birthday: 24 of December

Sexuality: Strait


A chilled and bitter disposition, passive hate for everyone and everything around him has left him alone in life, the wars he fought as mercenary were over with the US pulling out finally so he thought he might settle down somewhere and try his hand at this 'civilian' life thing.

Some nights sleepless others full of nightmares, he often woke his neighbors with his screaming, he wasn't able to get a service dog since he was never technically fighting as member of the US Military. He used to live alone, hiding in the ruins of memories fighting personal wars without a cause, spending dreams sniping endless hoards of enemies. Hailed as a Warrior but then the war was over. Haunted by the hollow eyes of those that he killed he could never truly find peace anywhere

One of his few friends, also retired, recommended a new video game coming out. something about the first VRMMORPG whatever the hell that meant, his friend took a while to convince him, until that is he mentioned PVP, in this game he thought he'd be able to let his angers loose on unsuspecting players without real consequences.

While inside the game he could move his arms, his legs, better than in real life. They had remade his body, one without the scars and nerve damage, their mistake. He had noticed a distinct lack of firearms, the things he has been using the last 20 years to end his fellow man. Instead he had gone with what he had seen in movies the classic sword.

His first impressions of the game were nothing he had expected, as he hadn't played a video game since the NES, real looking faces, real looking stone it even felt real, his hands were warm against the cold stone, he wondered is the pain real? He swung at the wall, sudden and unreal pain. He took note of it, he might be weaker than he originally thought he would be, he might be able to use that.

(Breaking the narrative 4th wall here)
His experience in fighting has left him nearly unable to form friendships and connections.
Under solid and strong leadership he follows orders to the letter.
He also has had to order troops, sometimes to their deaths, he expects nothing short of total loyalty from anyone under his command.

Description: An old and hardened body he stands at an intimidating 6'5, likely due to all the nun's at his childhood orphanage constantly hitting him with a ruler telling him to keep his back strait, his skin consists of tanned forearms and shoulders while his torso is unhealthily pale along with burn marks across his back, made from almost just bone and muscle he's very fit for his age a side effect of the profession. A single brown right eye paired with an almost blind dead grey eye, his hair is almost silver grey but it has slivers of brown, his clothing often consists of either basket ball shorts and a tee shirt, or camouflage cargo pants with a black longsleeve and thick leather gloves.


    [*The silence nighttime often brings, a few days of explosions and death can leave you wanting a little peace and quiet]

    [*Being able to see long distances, these kinds of vantage points are excellent for spying and other information gathering type things]

    [*Being alone, he can sometimes get lost in his own thoughts and having other people around can bring him out of it.]


    [*Not having information, not having Intel on a mission or location can and has gotten people killed he likes living]

    [*Dealing with newbies, inexperience is just an excuse or laziness to him]

    [*Shittalkers, not many people have gone through what he has and lived to tell about it, disrespect is something he just can't tolerate]


    [*These are just a bunch of snot-nose kids, he's seen things that would make them cry out of their anus, no one is going to get the better of him]

    [*Fighting and living has been his life, using a sword or whatever is just an up close and personal version]

    [*This 'game' of theirs is a whole lot of fun]


    [*He fears his recently cured night terrors returning]

    [*He fears being killed in an dishonest or otherwise indirect way]

    [*He fears Elfs, the little shits are always up to something]

Game Details:
Combat Class: Swords Man
Starter Weapon: Two Handed Sword(not sure if i read that right?)
Starting Alignment: if at all possible I'd like to start as chaotic neutral
Starting Level: Level 1
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Head Moderator
Head Moderator

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PostSubject: Re: Character Application, Howard Phillips   Fri Feb 27, 2015 5:38 pm


Once you have time, go make a character Stat sheet.

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Character Application, Howard Phillips
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